Single Ukrainian Woman Anastasiya from Kiev, Ukraine

I am a soft, tender and caring lady. Maybe I am young, but I know for sure what I want and I want to have the right person right by my side and not in 10 years from now! I am an active and always smiling girl and enjoy spending time with my friends and family.

I like the sun a lot, especially by the sea. I like laughing and spending quality time. I like an active way of life and I would like to share all this with my man.

Single Ukrainian Woman from Kiev, Ukraine

I want to meet a handsome, faithful, loyal, purposed aimed, caring and confident man. I want to feel myself saved and protected near him. Man is the head of the family and woman is the neck. Would you like us to create something special for us?

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Pretty Ukrainian Woman – Viktoriya from Dniepropetrovsk, Ukraine

I have been told that I am a splendid young modern woman, looking for a happiness in internet jungles.:) Not easy to speak about myself, but in few words, I can say that I’m creative, calm, communicative person without bad habits. I have a great sense of humor and even know of many funny jokes. I am a home keeper, traveler, good cook and just a devoted friend. As a woman I consider myself as romantic, gentle, kind, loyal and caring. And I am sure I can make my man the happiest person all over the world. So it left just to find him.:)

Güzel Rus Kadin

I like reading books, especially Fantasy novels. I also like cooking tasteful dishes. I love watching figure skating. I can not live without music even for a few days, also I like to dance. I adore romantic evenings, seashore, traveling somewhere in beautiful places, to spend time with my daughter.

I am looking for all-sufficient, educated, caring, faithful, gentle man, who loves children and honor women, and of course have a good sense of humor.:)

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Beautiful Russian Girl – Marina from Zhytomir, Ukraine

I am a very energetic and active girl and I like to keep fit. I can also say that I am curious, intelligent, passionate, well-educated and smart. My nature is cheerful, out-going, loyal, purposeful, tender and romantic. I can also add that I am quite an adventurous and witty person with lots of love and affection to give for my only man.

Beautiful Russian Girl

My interests are mostly related to sports and keeping active and fit: sports, communication, yoga, feng shui, dancing, music.

I am looking for someone that would be educated, interesting, caring, passionate, loyal, sporty and purposeful. Someone who would appreciate and cherish all the things a family gives and who is willing to have kids. I also want my life with my soul-mate to always be fulfilled with love, respect, romantism and tenderness.

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Sexy Ukrainian Girl – Nataliya from Zaporozhye, Ukraine

My friends say that I am a person with a calm character and a balanced nature. I like the contact of people and I am communicative. I am very accurate and punctual, and with a good sense of humor. I can also say that I am very sociable and cheerful. I enjoy children’s cuteness and loveliness and everybody says that I am a good and caring mother.

Belle Fille Ukrainienne

In my free time, I like to practive sports and I adore swimming and jogging. I am fond of yoga (body flex system). I think that it is very important to keep fit, to do daily exercise and to stay in a good health. I like leisure time, and my special preference is to be outdoors, espacially at nature. I enjoy time spent in a company with friends, and of course, I love the company of my son. In my free time, I also like dancing and listening to good music.

I am 41 and I wish to meet a man who is between 40 and 50 years old. In my opinion, a man should be honest, kind, sincere, attentive, cheerful, communicative, even-tempered, communicative, clever, a little bit romantic, punctual and responsible. I know it sounds like a lot but this is how I am and I promise that I will give him a lot too!

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Beautiful Russian Lady – Diana from Simferopol, Ukraine

Let me introduce myself: I am a very energetic person who always keep active and who believes that life is a motion. At the same time, nothing stops me to be a very sweet and tender person inside my heart. I am like a little kitty leaning for the warmth, tenderness and support. I am a loving and caring mother, a very good friend (at least I was told about it), and I always try to be a good daughter and sister. This is the life, and I do believe that to have a happy and rewarding life, you should fill it with different bricks – small ones and big ones. And the family for me is the biggest and the most important and precious brick of life. What can be more exciting and amazing than to see the loving eyes of the husband in the morning when you open your eyes and see the first rays of the sun? His glance of admiration and desire when you dress up to go out together. When we both hold our children and share some invisible waves of love, devotion, tenderness and friendship.

Kaunis Venäjä Nainen

About my interests, I am curious and excited about everything new and unusual. I like doing many different things and of course, I love travelling. I am very interested in psycology. I am a manager at a beauty salon and I like my job a lot. And I can say that my job is my greatest hobby! I adore communicating with people, giving them the pleasure from becoming more beautiful and attractive! Life is a miracle itself and every day we can discover its new sides. Because of my job, I spend too little time with my daughter Eveline and when I have some free time, I am simply running to her to be close with my loving baby! Nothing can replace that joy which children give to us, do you agree?

I am 29 and I would like to meet a nice and caring man who, ideally, would be between 30 and 45 years old. I have a simple desire: to meet the person who will love me and I will love him in return. But I wonder, why there are so many unhappy people in this world? May be their desire to change the life they live is not big and strong enough? It is not about me – my desire to find a good man, to create our family with him is so big, that I am taking serious steps to its fulfilment. No, I don`t need some extraordinary person, who can fly like a bird or jump from the sky in his free time:) I want a good person with a kind heart, who is really serious in his intentions concerning the future relationship with his life partner, and who is not here to play games. I look for a man who will be able to open his heart not only to me, but to my baby as well. And I will present him the whole world in return… I know, I am sure there is such man in this big world and I deeply wish to find him!

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Beautiful Russian Woman – Marina from Poltava, Ukraine

I never find it very easy to describe myself. For sure, I can that I am young woman who wants to love and to be loved. I am sociable, easy-going, kind and tender – and at the same time, I am a purposeful and ambitions lady.

Belle Donne Russe

I have a lot of interests and hobbles. I like reading, listening to the music and dancing. I also like to take care of home and to do some cooking. I like to cook tasty and not ordinary dishes. Sometime I like to play the piano.

I am looking for a cheerful, easy-going and tender man. My ideal man wants to spend his life with his loved one and create a family. I am looking for a person with who we will share every moment of life. I am 28 and wish to meet a man between 29 and 38 years old.

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Sexy Russian Woman – Elena from Nikolaev, Ukraine

Sexy Russian Woman

My friends and family say that I am a calm, kind, honest, caring, sincere, reliable, inteligent, beuatiful and loving girl. I know, it sounds like perfect but this is what they say 🙂 I would like to be part of a happy family, to be caring for my children and for my husband and to share harmony in the family.

In free time, I like to watch sport races, ski, fitness and many different sport games. I like to share a picnic and meeting with my friends. When I have time, I like to go to the forest, nature, mountains, seaside, beaches and traveling. Sometime, I love to spend my free time with my family. My  hobby is reading fantastic and detective stories. Moreover, I like to cook very much.

At 39, I realize that the search of a life partner is a very hard process. It seems that it is hard to take a shape. But I hope that I will achieve a success and I will fine my soul mate. Ideally, I would like him to be between 38 and 55 years old. I think that humor is a good way to throw away all negative emotions and I am searching for a man with a good sense of humor.

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Beautiful Ukrainian Lady – Irina from Kharkov, Ukraine

Beautiful Ukrainian Lady

It?s not easy for me to write about myself but I?ll give it my best try. Most of all in this world: I hate lie and disloyalty. I can say that I?m sociable, friendly, cheerful, single-minded, loyal tender. I have a good sense of humour and I am a very romantic person. When I have a rest somewhere near the seaside , I like to sit at night on the beach beside the fire with good wine and simply spend time looking at the stars. In the winter, when it?s too cold and snowy or in autumn when it is raining, I like to hide under a warm blanket with a cup of hot tea or coffee and to watch a romantic drama or melodrama.

In my free time, I prefer to keep an active life… I like skating, roller skating, volleyball, handball, badminton. I like to spend my free time
going out somewhere with my friends. Also I like to make barbeque with my family in the countryside. I travel a lot and I adore traveling! I like to meet nice, smart, educated and friendly people from different countries and I like to discover different cultures.

I am 24 years old and I am looking for a man aged between 25 and 40 years old. I want to meet a real man who can make me happy. A man with who I will try to try to create a happy and strong family. He should be kind, faithful and intelligent.

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Beautiful Ukrainian Girl Viktoriya from Sumy, Ukraine

Beautiful Ukrainian Girl from Sumy, UkraineI am 38 years old and I do not demand much from my future soul mate. I would like him to be between 36 and 50 years old. I just want to
love and to be loved – I think what every woman wants. Of course, I wish to be with a man who will respect and understand me – and always be loyal.

My friends say that I am kind, gentle, easy going and a very loyal person. My close people can always trust me and rely on me in difficult
situations because they know that I will not judge them and never let them down. I like to laugh and I thing I am a fun person to be with. But as for my personal life, I feel lonely, as I do not have the one to give him all my affection, attention, tenderness and care. I hope to meet a man
who would just love me and take me as I am and I will return it – much more.

When I have free time, I like to read, to watch TV, to knit and, of course, to take care of my daughter. I like an active lifestyle and when the weather is good I enjoy playing badminton outdoor. I can also say that I am quite good at cooking.

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Single Ukrainian Woman Anna from Mariupol, Ukraine

Single Ukrainian Woman from Mariupol, Ukraine

What can I say about myself? I never find it easy to do so 🙂 I can certainly say that I am a very energetic person, that I have a great sense of humor and that I am a happy person most of the time. I am a very good at getting people in a good mood, to them laugh and look at the bright side of things. I am faithful, reliable, kind care, tender and caring. I think that some features are not so important in the personality; for me, the most important is the person, the individual with his nature and soul. We all have merits and demerits and I think we do not the right to judge other people. I really do not like lie and betrayal.

In my free time, I like cooking, animals, nature, plants, and flowers. I also enjoy travel and dream to visit many countries in the future. I like dancing, listening to music and I love car driving.

I am 27 years old and I am looking to meet a nice and serious man who is between 27 and 45 years old. I want to find an active, nice, reliable and loyal man who will become my beloved husband and father of our children. Age difference doesn`t matter for me, because I believe that the soul has no age or color. I also believe that love is open for everybody!

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