Beautiful Ukrainian Bride Antonina from Odessa, Ukraine

Beautiful Ukrainian Bride from Odessa, Ukraine

About myself, I can say that I look very young and very attractive and that I take very good care about my body, my physical appearance and my health. People say that I am very positive and optimistic person. I bring lots of positive emotions to my friends and to everyone I am talking to, it is true! I hate any disputes and quarrels and I know that virtue always overcomes bad situations. I love this life and I dream to meet my special man soon to share it with him.

I have many interests and mostly, I like I like sports – I regularly go for fitness, jogging, swimming and yoga. As a woman, of course I like fashion and shopping 🙂 I enjoy a lot being with my daughters. I also like traveling and everything  that is interesting. I very much like the arts, go to the  theatre, attend musical concerts, eating out, walking and being outside on nature.

On this site, I would like to meet “my man” and I would like him to be between 45 and 65 years old. I hope to meet the right man just for me. His physical appearance does not matter so much to me. The main things for me are his spirituality, stability, inner world, sense of humor and the way he lives this life. If you are not sure about this, I can show you how good this life can be! I hope you are romantic, caring, positive and sentimental. I also wish that you like music, you are outgoing and, of course, that you are also looking for your other half.

Dejtingsajt för att träffa ensamstående ryska kvinnor

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Sexy Russian Bride Elena from Kiev, Ukraine

Find a Russian Bride in Kiev, Ukraine

My Personality
I am an active, well-educated, sensitive person with  a nice personality. I am curious, non conformist, tactful, funny and I have a  great sense of humour. I am also a peaceful, calm, ambitious, mature, smart, loyal,  kind and happy lady. I can also say that I am an optimistic person.
My Interests
I would like to meet a faithful and serious man to  develop a long lasting relationship leading to a happy marriage. I like  literature, music (I play the piano), sports (basketball, tennis, swimming,  bowling, sailing, plus many others), nature, animals and boats. I am fond of  human relations, economics, politics, history, law and business. I have an  irresistible thirst of knowledge.
I am 33 years old and I would like to meet a man between 33 and 55  years old.
He should be loyal, well-educated, generous and  smart with a great sense of humour. I wish my future husband to be kind, sincere,  faithful – just a nice person who knows how to forgive and who appreciates  the true things of this life. He wants to create a family and to have  children. He wants to consider his wife as a partner, friend and lover.

Det bedste dating site for mænd i Danmark, som søger en russisk kvinde for fremtidige brud.

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Beautiful Ukrainian Woman Viktoriya from Vinnitsa, Ukraine

Beautiful Ukrainian Woman from Vinnitsa, Ukraine

My Personality:

I like traveling and discovering new places. I enjoy active kinds of sports, fitness and aqua-aerobics. I adore taking walks and being in the nature. I also enjoy reading historical book because they help me to better understand my culture and to learn about other cultures.

My Interests:

I love the sun and being at the sea. I like getting flowers without any occasion, socializing with friends and relatives, discovering something new every day and of course, keeping a fit and healthy lifestyle.

I am 22 years old and I would like to meet a Man
Between 28 and 46 years old

I wish my future life partner to have such qualities as a good sense of humour, loyalty, confidence and intelligence. He should also be a well-balanced, decent, sociable and energetic man.


Meer informatie over de Russische Vrouwen Dating


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Single Canadian Men Love Dating With Russian Women

More and more Russian women are moving to Canada and most of them do so to join their new Canadian husband. Canada has seen a net increase in Russian women immigration after the USSR break-up in 1992. It became easier for foreign men to travel to Russia and for Russian women to travel abroad as well.

Beautiful Russian Woman

At the same time, many local marriage agencies were emerging all over Russia and former USSR countries such as Belarus, Ukraine and many others. Single Russian women who were searching a foreign husband registered with those agencies that had their profile and pictures in their printed catalogue. They would share their profiles with foreign agencies representing single men in the Canada, the USA and most countries of the west.

Russian women and foreign men would sometimes share some correspondence through regular mail but it could take weeks for a letter to make it back and forth – if it did not get lost in the way. Fortunately, the mid nineties saw the Internet being more and more available. That changed the whole picture – it enabled single Russian women seeking a foreign husband to know their correspondent with emails.

However, not too many single Russian women had access to the Internet in those years but the marriage agencies did. And of course, in Canada and most countries of the west, the Internet became available to most people much faster. The process of getting to know each other was considerably shortened from what could take months with regular letters. Not only the Internet allows to exchange letters and photos almost instantly, it also allow for audio-video calls with programs like Skype – adding a sense of reality to the doubts that can exist while a relation is purely virtual.

Another factor that can contribute to making Canadian men and Russian women attracted to each other may be the fact that they share a similar climate and environment. Although, these two countries have quite different governments in many ways, they have many important points in common, such a free healthcare and free education. Whatever may be the reasons, each year, more and more Russian women are becoming the wives of lucky Canadian men!

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