Beautiful Russian Lady – Diana from Simferopol, Ukraine

Let me introduce myself: I am a very energetic person who always keep active and who believes that life is a motion. At the same time, nothing stops me to be a very sweet and tender person inside my heart. I am like a little kitty leaning for the warmth, tenderness and support. I am a loving and caring mother, a very good friend (at least I was told about it), and I always try to be a good daughter and sister. This is the life, and I do believe that to have a happy and rewarding life, you should fill it with different bricks – small ones and big ones. And the family for me is the biggest and the most important and precious brick of life. What can be more exciting and amazing than to see the loving eyes of the husband in the morning when you open your eyes and see the first rays of the sun? His glance of admiration and desire when you dress up to go out together. When we both hold our children and share some invisible waves of love, devotion, tenderness and friendship.

Kaunis Venäjä Nainen

About my interests, I am curious and excited about everything new and unusual. I like doing many different things and of course, I love travelling. I am very interested in psycology. I am a manager at a beauty salon and I like my job a lot. And I can say that my job is my greatest hobby! I adore communicating with people, giving them the pleasure from becoming more beautiful and attractive! Life is a miracle itself and every day we can discover its new sides. Because of my job, I spend too little time with my daughter Eveline and when I have some free time, I am simply running to her to be close with my loving baby! Nothing can replace that joy which children give to us, do you agree?

I am 29 and I would like to meet a nice and caring man who, ideally, would be between 30 and 45 years old. I have a simple desire: to meet the person who will love me and I will love him in return. But I wonder, why there are so many unhappy people in this world? May be their desire to change the life they live is not big and strong enough? It is not about me – my desire to find a good man, to create our family with him is so big, that I am taking serious steps to its fulfilment. No, I don`t need some extraordinary person, who can fly like a bird or jump from the sky in his free time:) I want a good person with a kind heart, who is really serious in his intentions concerning the future relationship with his life partner, and who is not here to play games. I look for a man who will be able to open his heart not only to me, but to my baby as well. And I will present him the whole world in return… I know, I am sure there is such man in this big world and I deeply wish to find him!

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